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All type of mouth bleeding are reasons to seek dental care as quickly as possible. All Smiles Dental is one of few dentists in Newmarket that offers a wide range of emergency dental services and the only Newmarket dentist that offers this service 7 days a week. Whatever the origin, the problem increases the odds of leading to something more severe. Here are some situations that call for help from a dental professional now.


Dental Emergencies such as bleeding can occur inside the mouth due to a laceration (a cut) on any area of the mouth. A bleeding tongue that was accidentally bitten could be the culprit. At other times, damage to the tissue along a cheek occurs due to a direct hit in the mouth during a fall or other accident. Many patients have had emergency dental procedures such as these done right here at our Newmarket dental office.

If you have had a traumatic injury which has resulted in bleeding inside your mouth, try to put pressure on the area if it is possible to do so, and get to our Newmarket emergency dental office right away. Most cases of lacerations inside the mouth require stitches. At All Smiles Dental we deal with severe sports related injuries almost on a daily bases are our team of emergency dentists are more than capable of dealing with any help they are required to provide our patients. If your dentist is closed or not accepting or unable to deal with such severe dental emergencies feel free to contact us right away for help. We have specially helped many hockey players from all ages and playing levels with their sports related dental emergencies and you need to look no further for help.

Gum Infections

When the mouth bleeding seems to be originating from the gums, action is needed now. Gums bleeding could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency or it could be something more severe. A dental professional will know what must be done to stop the bleeding. In some cases a patient suffers from a sports related trauma and when severe enough and left untreated infections can occur in the gums which can also cause pain.

Teeth Issues

In sport related dental emergency cases some patient may take impact directly on teeth which can cause them to break, chip move out of position or get completely knocked out. There may also be excessive oral bleeding. The only way to get rid of the blood in mouth problem is to see a professional. Along with dealing with the infection, the dentist will treat the underlying tooth issue and resolve the bleeding mouth permanently.

Contact our dental office in Newmarket right away at 905-235-6999. Whatever is wrong, we know how to make it right.

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