Something Stuck Between Teeth

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Try flossing gently between your teeth to remove the object. It is dangerous to poke your teeth or gums with a pin or anything sharp, so avoid causing any damage to your teeth or gums.

If you get the object out and you know you commonly get something stuck in that area, you should make an appointment with Dr. Albatish for an evaluation. Sometimes if you constantly get food stuck in your teeth that is hard to get out, it means you may have a hole in one of your teeth or a cavity that is catching things, and these need to be treated before you start having pain.

If you can’t get the object out, call our office for an appointment with Dr. Albatish to help you. She will gently remove the object. It is important not to delay and leave an object stuck in your teeth, because this can cause cavities or even infections.

There is a vast variety of dental emergency procedures that we as dentist and dental service provider perform on daily basis. We urge patients to drop by and allow us to help them whenever they face these types of difficult and uneasy situations, as a newmarket dentist generally we do not face a lot of extreme cases of trauma but we are able to deal with all types of dental emergencies.

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Contact Dr. Nada Albatish and team of Newmarket Dentist, for an appointment if you need to be seen for any dental emergency in Newmarket.

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