Lost Fillings

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In these types of dental emergency cases if left neglected at tooth that has lost fillings can face serious risks of infection and be prone to more decay and even fracture. Dental fillings in a lot of cases act as structural support and help in the overall strength of the tooth.

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Most lost fillings can easily be replaced if you come in soon to see the our Newmarket dental clinic.

To temporarily close the spot where the filling was lost, put a piece of softened sugarless chewing gum in the spot where you feel the hole. This is a very temporary fix but will prevent food from getting packed in the area where you lost your filling, and give you time to get to the dentist to have it fixed. This is a very short term fix for these types of dental emergencies and should not be adopted for more than a few hours. At All Smiles Dental we take of these dental problems on a daily basis and when the fillings are lost in the front teeth where they are most visible our cosmetic dentist will insure that the final results looks completely natural. Cosmetic dentistry is a main focus of our Newmarket dental office and we make sure that our dental patients end up with teeth that not function well but also look amazing too.

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