Knocked Out Tooth

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Contact our office right away at 905-235-6999.

If the patient is a child or an adult, ensure that you contact our office immediately, let the receptionist know what has happened to you, and come in to our office right away. YOUR TOOTH MAY BE REPLANTED INTO ITS ORIGINAL SPOT AND SAVED FROM LOSS IF YOU SEE US IMMEDIATELY.  DO NOT DELAY.

If you have had any trauma to your mouth and have lost one or more teeth, make every effort to find your teeth right away.  Do not touch the roots of the teeth.  Place the teeth inside any container of milk (bag or carton works well). Make sure the teeth are completely covered with the milk. Milk is the liquid of choice for temporarily storing teeth until you get to our office. If you do not have milk available, suggested storage media in order of preference are; saliva, either in your own cheek or in a container into which you spit; physiologic saline (which you can buy at most pharmacies); or water. Water is the least desirable storage medium, but is still better than keeping your teeth dry.

If you can get to your dentist within 10 minutes of losing your tooth, your chances of having that tooth saved are extemely high, so don’t delay this urgent treatment.

Dr. Albatish has extensive training and experience having worked in a level 1 trauma centre in New York city and having dealt with serious accidents and trauma that required her dental expertise. Our team at All Smiles Dental is more that ready to handle the most serious emergency dental situations, and will provide you with the utmost professional, knowledgeable, and skilled care.

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