Dental Swellings

Dental Swellings2019-06-05T13:47:59-04:00

Swelling related to a tooth is nothing to take lightly. This type of swelling can manifest in any number of ways. Some examples of what can lead to a swollen tooth include:

  • A Gum Abscess – And abscess on gum tissue take place when there’s an infection between the gum and the tooth, The right gum abscess treatment eases the inflammation and corrects any damage to the tooth or the gum.
  • Decay – Cavities that remain unchecked for long periods of time can lead to tooth swelling. Without treatment, the issue of a tooth swollen and hurting will eventually lead to a dental infection that causes even more damage.
  • Chipped and Broken Teeth – Damaged teeth pave the way for bacteria to increase and lead to infections of the teeth and the gums. Choosing to delay treatment paves the way for an abscess gum problem or tooth infection swelling.

The bottom line is that this type of swelling and infection can happen inside your mouth, on your cheeks, under and over one eye, around your jawline, or even under your chin or into your neck. Any kind of gum or tooth infection swelling is a serious health issue and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent making you very sick.

When you come into our office with any type of dental swelling, you will be prescribed antibiotics and you will receive any urgent care that you need to ensure control of your situation immediately and to prevent worsening

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