Dental Emergencies For Children

Dental Emergencies For Children2019-06-05T13:51:29-04:00

If a child has bumped one or more teeth, whether it be by banging into an object or the ground or even another child, you should bring your child in to our Newmarket emergency dental office to have his/her teeth checked.  Blunt force dental trauma can cause the nerve of a tooth to die or can even cause a hairline fracture in the tooth, which is important because it puts the child at a high risk for pain, infection and swelling, even if it is not immediate. When children are brought into our Newmarket emergency dental clinic we do a series of tests on the areas of concern to make sure that no issues are overlooked. With the most youngest emergency dental patients being at risk the most due to the fact that they are not able to communicate their dental related issues, it becomes extremely important that they are seen by dentists who are extremely competent, comfortable and patient to deal with their emergency dental needs.

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How We Can Help

Dr. Nada Albatish and her caring staff and associates have very extensive experience dealing with all facets of dental emergencies related to young patients in their Newmarket dental clinic. We will evaluate the area suffering from the trauma, and examine your child’s oral condition, to determine the best possible treatment scenarios.

Dr. Nada Albatish has an enormous level of experience and expertise with dental emergencies. Her experience at a level 1 trauma centre in New York City and being recognized for completing the most number of dental procedures successfully in the history of that hospital. Many of the cases that were treated by Dr. Albatish in New York City were related to extreme cases of trauma and she brings that level of experience to her Newmarket dental office.

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