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Have your sports guard made by the same dentist who makes sport guards for some NHL Hockey Players!

We offer both standard sports guards and Under Armour sports guards. For contact sports, including hockey, rugby, soccer, football, boxing, lacrosse, sports guards are a necessary part of your gear to protect your teeth and jawbones from damage, injury, or fractures.

At All Smiles Dental Newmarket we always educate our patients about the importance of protecting their teeth at all times when playing sports. We deal with a numerous cases of dental trauma and dental emergencies in Newmarket related to sports injuries and we really like our patients to be safe.

For non-contact sports, Dr. Albatish works with Under Armour to custom-make a performance enhancing small mouthpiece which helps to relax your muscles, reducing stress hormone release in your body, and improving your overall performance.


Call All Smiles Dental to schedule your appointment with Newmarket Dentist Dr. Nada Albatish. It won’t take long to explore the options for sports guards, including the choice to having a really strong well designed Under Armour sports guards.

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