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Migraine Prevention

So many people suffer from migraine headaches and have gone back and forth to their doctors and hospitals for tests and xrays, only to find there is no cause for their migraines. It has now been shown that an overwhelming number of migraine headache patients actually have dental causes.

For patients with recurrent migraines, Dr. Albatish uses a special system for making teeth guards which has been clinically shown to prevent migraines!

These guards are actually much smaller than standard nightguards and only cover a few of your front teeth. Dr. Albatish can custom make this special migraine-preventing guard for you in just one visit.

Be one of many patients to thank Dr. Albatish for getting your days back simply by having a special custom guard made to prevent your migraines. It really works!

Call Newmarket Dentist Dr. Nada Albatish at All Smiles Dental Centre to schedule your appointment to discuss migraine prevention!

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