All Smiles Dental Newmarket is a Newmarket dentist office that has a great focus on preventative measures to insure the longterm overall longevity of the patients oral health. Our Newmarket dentist deals with a so many patients who suffer from problems related to teeth grinding at night. For patients who grind or clench their teeth, we can make you a custom nightguard or day guard to protect your teeth, gums, facial muscles, and jaw joints from damage that is caused by the forces of grinding and clenching.

Our dentist in Newmarket, Dr. Nada Albatish, in coordination with her preferred dental laboratory, will take molds of your teeth to custom-make for you a special nightguard which is thinner and more comfortable than the usual nightguards that patients have. Dr. Albatish’s high comfort custom nightguards are durable, and more likely to be worn every night by patients because they are so comfortable and your mouth actually feels good when you put it on.

Call Newmarket Dentist Dr. Nada Albatish at All Smiles Dental Centre to schedule your appointment to discuss protecting your teeth from grinding or any other dental concerns you have.

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