Cosmetic White Fillings

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Traditional dental filling involve using metal alloys to fill spaces left after decayed matter is removed. Newmarket dentist Dr. Albatish in almost all cases will advise patients to choose white fillings in order to also achieve cosmetic goals. While functional, metal fillings leave a lot to be desired in terms of appearance. What about considering the ideal of filling teeth with something that looks like the real thing? That’s what you get when you choose to invest in cosmetic white fillings. All our award winning Newmarket dental clinic we understand and apply the correct techniques to insure that the white dental filling procedures that are completed follow the strictest of guidelines and procedural techniques. This great attention to detail insure the success and longevity of the sensitive white filling materials. If you have had white fillings done and are suffering from discomfort and sensitivity we urge you to visit our office and let us help you.

At our dental clinic we are extremely dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standards of dental care which also includes the quality of the materials that we purchase. Like anything else the best clinically proven materials in dentistry are often the most expensive to purchase. At All Smiles Dental we only use the best clinically proven materials for our patients regardless of their cost to insure high quality results and we attribute our award winning reputation to this philosophy. 

Our Newmarket dental centre is prepared to help clients explore different options for fillings in teeth, including cosmetic white fillings. Depending on where you live, talking with us about cosmetic white fillings in Bradford may be more convenient. If not, there is our Aurora office or even our experts in cosmetic white fillings in Newmarket who stand ready to help.

There are several things that patients need to know about white filling for teeth. We use tooth-coloured mercury-free fillings to fix chipped teeth or cavities as part of our basic filling teeth procedure. Dr. Nada Albatish is so skilled at working with white fillings that you can’t even tell the difference between a filling and your own tooth!

Whether the reason for the call is to replace an older filling that has loosened or deal with a chipped tooth, it pays to find out what dental fillings in Bradford will do. One quick visit is all it takes to determine if dental fillings in Aurora would help, and what kind of dental fillings in Newmarket would provide the ideal mix of looks and sturdy teeth.

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Call All Smiles Dental to schedule your appointment with Newmarket Dentist Dr. Nada Albatish. It won’t take long to explore the options for cosmetic filling teeth, including the choice to go with white filling teeth.

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