Newmarket Dental Office Open

Newmarket Dental Office Open

Newmarket Dental Office Open

With our Newmarket dental office open while most dental offices have been forced to shutdown during the Covid-19 pandemic we have been serving. Serving dental office patients in Newmarket and the community to insure that symptoms do not become worst. Dental emergency symptoms that if not taken care of by our caring team of emergency newmarket dentists and staff could even be life threatening. It is no secret that the covid-19 virus is dangerous and hard to recognize in its early stages. However everything being done at the Newmarket dental office is done to insure that it does not use the dental staff and facility to spread.


Protocols Amid Covid-19

Newmarket dental office open safety protocols are carefully put in place following recommendations from health authorities. Steps such as minimizing patients and staffs exposure to each other and minimizing the time of exposure. This minimized exposure in our Newmarket dental office is done through the elimination of the waiting room, reduced traffic inside and through the Newmarket dental office. The waiting room chairs have be removed as patients are no longer allowed to wait in the office for their appointment. By eliminating the waiting room we have reduced patients be exposed unnecessarily for long periods of time to each other and potentially exposing one another to the virus. There is also very limited surface exposure to patient and staff traffic. The coffee station also has been eliminated as well as the beverages refrigerator for the same reason to minimize exposure.


Dental Patients Pre-appointment Screening

There has been a very thorough patient screening to insure that the patients visiting the Newmarket dental office are not likely to have been exposed to the virus. The screening questions will minimize the risks as anyone with any signs of symptoms will not be allowed to enter the premises and if for any reasons they are allowed in it would be with extreme measures and only in the even that the dental emergency is actually life threatening or the health of the emergency dental patient is at great risk. To this day the Newmarket dental office open to the public has not yet seen a covid-19 positive patient to their knowledge and has not yet treated a patient that they believe to have had the virus. Dr. Albatish is proud to have been serving her community and All Smiles Dental Newmarket will continue to do its part to protect the public.

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