Poor Dental Health Impacts Brain Function

Poor Dental Health Impacts Brain Function

Poor Dental Health Impacts Brain Function


Newest research find connections between dental health in adults who are older and the cognitive mental health. The study includes research and date in multiple age groups.


At All Smiles Dental in Newmarket we believe that dental health is great sign of a person overall well being, their progress in life and into older age. Dental health diseases may reduce a patient’s overall quality of life, but it can very much be a factor in causing other very serious health impacts. This is besides the point that we see a boost in confidence and mental quality of life when we see patients who take care of their cosmetic needs. 

Researchers have shown links between periodontal disease and other infections in the oral cavity and the elevated risks of having a stroke. There was an article published previously in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology which concludes the findings that link gum disease could raise a patients hearth disease by what they found to be approximately 20%. More research is taking place and will take place in the future to show more and more evidence and shine a brighter light in this connection. 


All Smiles Dental Newmarket & Dental Health Patient Education

Our team of well trained and educated staff are always mindful and fully understand the link between the overall health of our patients and the dental health. We refer to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, that have also started to focus on various links between dental health and overall decline in cognitive mental health. Our team of award winning dentists and staff believe that by educating our patients and taking positive steps towards learning about these links we can set our patients up for a long healthy life. 

More Research

A recently published 23 case study has found more evidence of a link  between dental health and cognitive health, including memory and executive function.

Rutgers University research team has carried out a couple of separate studies into cognitive deterioration  and stress. Both studies maybe accessed and  appear in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.


Researchers did find a link between cognitive deterioration more specifically global cognition and episodic memory deterioration and dental issues. Episodic memory issues themselves have a show a link to the onset of dementia.  

The researchers have found a lot of  association in the second study as well. At All smiles dental we see that patient who have had ongoing stress were more likely suffer from dry mouth. Patients who receive spousal support and support from friends and family have shown a decline in the affect of dry mouth and other dental health related issues such as dry mouth.  

We urge our patients to think of their overall health when they think about their dental health. All Smiles Dental Newmarket has alway been an advocate for overall health and the connection that we see in healthy patients and the similarities we see in their oral health and overall health.

Call Us Today at All Smiles Dental Newmarket and lets begin a journey into the future than includes well being in all aspects. 

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