Family Dentists In Newmarket

Family Dentists In Newmarket

Family Dentists In Newmarket

Family dentists in Newmarket are everywhere. You can find a dental office in every plaza and at every intersection. There has been man family dentists in Newmarket for a very very long time. If you were to go on google and type in family dentists for the town of Newmarket you will see so many. A long of list of dentists in Newmarket will be generated within micro seconds. So why is that our dental office in Newmarket has been able to have so much success is such short time. How is that there has been so many dental offices that have opened in Newmarket since our dental clinic had opened in 2012 with not even a fraction of the success. 

Our Philosophy

Every successful organization has success due to its commitment and philosophy. Without a well planned and united philosophy it is very difficult to achieve your goals as a team. Our philosophy from day one has been ‘Patients First’. Well at our family dentists in Newmarket having a philosophy means everything! Our ‘Patients First’ philosophy means that we will always insure that we place what is best for our patients above all else. It means that we will not take any shortcuts and that anything that we do has to benefit our patients. It means anyone and everyone that comes through our dental office in Newmarket will be treated like a family member. We strongly believe that although family dentists in Newmarket are all healthcare businesses that we will make sure that our clinic always acts like a healthcare provider first and foremost. We know that the best thing does not always mean the easiest choice.

As a family dentists in Newmarket All Smiles Dental is considered a health care provider first and foremost!

Being On Our Patients Side 

At All Smiles Dental Newmarket we are always looking to improve our services and expand the range of services. The goal is to always 

Our entire staff are dedicated to our Newmarket dental patient’s well being. Our staff always take their time to insure that all of our patients are not feeling rushed. Our Newmarket dentists have always treated our patients with respect and dignity. Patients know that once they come to All Smiles Dental they are amongst friends. 

Call us today and let us be a part of your lifelong smile. Our Dr. Nada Albatish is excited to provide you with world class dentistry that you can depend and rely on! Call Us @ 905-235-6999

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