Dental Braces Newmarket

Dental Braces Newmarket

Dental Braces Newmarket

All Smiles Dental has been providing patients of all ages with dental braces in Newmarket with truly incredible results. Our newmarket dentists have helped so many patients by creating that perfect smile using orthodontic treatments. Patients who require dental braces in Newmarket trust our dental office with their needs and have been seeing unbelievable results. We provide patients with complimentary consultations so that they can comfortably come in to our Newmarket dental office and see what their options are and what we can offer them to perfect their smiles. All Smiles Dental Newmarket is very unique in the way that treat all of our patients dental needs within the office under the care of dental professionals that they have already built that comfort and trust with. When teeth are crooked or the top teeth and bottom teeth don’t meet correctly Dental braces are usually recommended. Having straight teeth is not only more attractive than crooked or misaligned teeth, it contributes to oral health. Not correcting a poor bite may result in increased cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. There are several options to consider in straightening teeth or bite. With the wide range of options it is helpful to have your professional dentist newmarket to guide you. If you haven’t visited a dentist about this yet, your first step is to go in for a consultation. Your dentist in Newmarket will examine your teeth and make recommendations based on your individual situation. Here is an overview of the possibilities.

Newmarket Braces For All

Newmarket Braces For All

Direct Billing to Insurance and Affordable Payment plans

Do you need dental braces in Newmarket? We can help! Treating patients with dental braces in Newmarket is a big part of what we do in our dental office. We also provide patients with affordable payment plans and if you like we can bill your insurance directly for treating patients with braces in Newmarket. Call us today for a free consultation and see what we can do for you.


Traditional braces take about years to straighten teeth. Conventional braces are recommended for complex cases. They are also the choice for children’s orthodontics. The braces consist of metal brackets which are cemented to the teeth and a wire that connects them. When you visit your dentist newmarket they will be tightened. The resulting pressure brings the teeth slowly into alignment. Often elastic bands are placed on the braces to provide more pressure. Braces require the patient to cooperate and carefully clean the teeth. Several foods like sticky candy and popcorn can be problematic when someone with braces eats them. At your complimentary consultation for braces in Newmarket you can see what we can do for you right here in our newmarket dental office. If your needs are complicated we will be able to help you by referring you the best orthodontists in the area. The orthodontists can then help you in collaboration with our office to make sure that all of your dental needs are being addressed at all times. In some rare cases when patients are being treated by an orthodontist they neglect the other problems they might have such as dental cleanings which can cause cavities. Patients are sometimes not informed that braces are not just a treatment provided by orthodontists. Orthodontists are dentists who have specialized in providing orthodontic services. Patients must be informed that orthodontists often charge specialist fees. At All Smiles Dental Newmarket we do not charge patients the same fees that orthodontists do. Dr. Nada Albatish always informs patients that she is not an orthodontist but she has a fellowship in orthodontics and also that she will refer her patients to orthodontists when they have severe complications.



Adults who need less complex treatment may choose to have invisible braces. Invisalign uses aligners which are made of a non-toxic plastic. They are computer designed and custom molded for the individual’s teeth. These are virtually invisible and simple to use. When it is time to brush your teeth they can be removed. The Invisalign system allows the foods that traditional braces cannot, since the aligners are easily removed from the teeth. In a few months you have the smile that you always wanted. Dr. Nada Albatish is Invisalign certified. She is your dentist newmarket and will be happy to help you decide if this option is the best for you.



Another exciting innovation in orthodontia is Six Month Smiles. This treatment features clear brackets and other components that are tooth colored. This makes them far less visible than the conventional metal braces. This orthodontic treatment may straighten your teeth in just six months. When you talk to your dentist newmarket ask about this brief treatment.

When you visit your dentist newmarket you will have some knowledge of possible options. Be sure to write down any questions you may have. Dr. Nada Albatish is knowledgeable and professional, she will respond to your concerns. If a dentist newmarket is not close enough, remember that Dr. Albatish also serves Aurora and Richmond Hill and has offices as far away as Barrie and Toronto. Call 905 235 6999 and make your appointment today.

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